August Meeting: Wednesday August 2, 7pm

Venice Community Center
(doors open at 6:30pm)
Speaker: Jeff Higel
Topic: Growing Better Orchids

Jeff has been fascinated with orchids for over 30 years, growing them commercially for nearly 20. He has served as President and Show Chair for the Venice Area Orchid Society. Jeff has a penchant for learning things the hard way, and would like to share some, or even most of, his hard- learned knowledge with you.
This program will discuss what he does, and why, to successfully cultivate these fascinating and sometimes frustrating plants. He will try to make it profitable for the novice as well as the most experienced grower.
Jeff will have a nice variety of plants for sale. These plants are grown locally under conditions that are easily duplicated.

Jeff’s greenhouse is located at Honey Bee Nursery, 2383 Englewood Rd. (Rt. 776) in Englewood (941-474-6866)