July 10 (Monday): Joint VAOS/EAOS meeting at EAOS. 6:30p


Joint EAOS/VAOS Meeting in Englewood                                                                    

July 10th (Monday)

Speaker:  Louis Del Favero,

Louis Del Favero Orchids, Tampa

Topic: “Growing Species”

Christ Lutheran Church, 701 N. Indiana Avenue, Englewood, Florida.

Louis Del Favero received a V. Rothchildiana from a family friend for his 12th birthday. In 1968 he began working for Jungle Orchids after school, weekends and summers. They imported tree fern and orchids from Guatemala. A year later he established Louis Del Favero Orchids in Miami. It was also during this time that he took a collecting trip with Fred Fuchs to British Honduras (now Belize) and Honduras. After that trip, Louis was consumed by a desire to view orchids in their native habitat. This started 20 years of traveling to Mexico, Central, South America and the Caribbean. In 1981 Louis moved to his current location in rural Tampa where he used his extensive contacts to continue importing specie orchids from their native countries. He and his wife Bonnie have more than 13,000 s.f. of greenhouses open to the public of which approximately 50% are warm tolerant species, and the other half is comprised largely of Encyclias, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, and compact to large flowered Cattleyas with an emphasis on fragrant orchids.