“Big Cattleyas – Prospects for their Return”

Robert "Bob" Scully

Big Cattleyas – Prospects for their Return”  That’s the topic that our January speaker will speak on. Robert “Bob”  Scully,  a second-generation Orchid Specialist,  will speak at the regular meeting of VAOS on Wednesday,  January 4th 2012.

Bob grew up around orchids when his family ran Jones &  Scully,  a very important firm in the development of the orchid hobby and trade in Miami,  Florida. Bob later became president but when Hurricane Andrew blew through that area in 1992,  the business was litteraly blown away.

Today,  Bob spends his time with Tiger Orchid Products focusing on Growing and Production consultancy. He also is active with numerous orchid or horticulturally affiliated organizations. Bob and his wife Susan live in Sarasota,  FL.

Since Bob is not a commercial grower,  Fender’s Flora will have plants for sale at this meeting.