Future Meetings/Clinics

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This page is a list of programs scheduled for the forthcoming year or so.  It is subject to change, and is provided for the long range planning of our members.  All meetings are on Wednesday unless otherwise noted

1/04/17      Ted Kellogg, “Ribbon Judging – Putting Your Best Plants Forward”
2/02/17*     John Salventi, “Roots – Why and How”
3/02/17*     Stig Dalstrom, “Orchids of the Himalayas”
4/05/17       Vern Bloch, “Brassavolas and Related Species”
5/03/17       Rafael Romero
6/07/17       Cancelled due to storm damage

No July Meeting – Joint meeting at EAOS 7/10/17

8/02/17         Jim Roberts, Florida SunCoast Orchids, Topic TBA
9/06/17         Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids, Topic TBA
10/04/17       Dr. Kristen Uthus, “Japanese Orchids, The Small and the Mighty”
11/01/17       Mike Polen, Artstone Orchids, “Get Your Display Ready to Win”

No December Meeting
* Note these are Thursday dates
All monthly meetings will be held in the Venice Community Center, 6:30 – 9pm

All Growers Clinics held the second Thursday, 7pm – 9pm, Room F , VCC

1/12/17 –  Success with Seedlings – Hands on Potting Clinic and Competition
2/09/17 –  Culture Basics for Specific Genera  (Catts, Phals, Onc, Dens, Vandas, Paphs, other)
3/09/17 –  Dividing and Repotting Clinic (Hands On-1 of 3)
4/13/17 –  Potting Without Pots /Mounting Orchids  (Presentation and Hands On)
5/11/17 –  Orchid Basics  Part 1 (Air, Light, Water, Fertilizer & Supplements)
6/08/17 –  Orchid Basics Part 2 (Pots, Media, Repotting, Tools)
7/13/17 –  Dividing and Repotting Clinic (Hands On-2 of 3)
8/10/17 –  Pests & Diseases Part 1 Pests (Presentation)
9/14/17 –  Pests & Diseases Part 2 Fungus, Bacteria, Virus, Other damage                                   (Presentation)
10/12/17 –  Dividing and Repotting Clinic (Hands On-3 of 3)
11/09/17 –  Donn Smart, Paphs

– No December Growers Clinic Meeting

ALL Growers Clinic’s start with problem orchids /advice – Rich Amos