Reds are hard to photograph

I’m really enjoying the first (for me) blooms of Lc. Brasstown ‘Neon Glow’ and Lc Jewel Box ‘Dark Waters’. So I  thought I’d share.

The first is lc Brasstown ‘Neon Glow’ This plant is a mutation in the cloning process of Lc Brasstown ‘Lipstick’. It has a purple line around the petals. There is also a line around the edges of the leaves. This has been a tough plant for me to bloom. I purchased it a NBS (Near Blooming Size) about 4 years ago from Bill Fender. This is it’s first successful flowering. I really love it. I can’t tell you how many times I attempted to photograph this flower until I got something close the the actual bloom.

The second bloom is Lc. Jewel Box ‘Dark Waters’. I had Lc Jewel Box ”Scheherazade’ but when I saw the ‘Dark Waters’ I knew I had to have it. This plant was a division of a large well grown plant, and this is it’s first bloom for me.