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Orchid judging for the Venice Area Orchid society occurs on three levels. At our monthly meetings plant are judged by a team of VAOS members.  At our orchid show and those shows in which we participate, AOS judges and others judge plants for ribbons.  At shows and at monthly judging events in Tampa and Orlando, plants are judged by AOS Judges for AOS awards.  Each of these judging systems uses a different set of standards.

VAOS Plant Table Judging – The VAOS awards ribbons each month to member plants displayed on the plant table. All members may exhibit plants on the plant table. A team of judges drawn from the members present at the meeting select the other awards.

Judging at AOS Sanctioned Shows – Two types of judging usually occur at AOS sanctioned shows – ribbon judging and AOS judging.  VAOS Orchid Show includes AOS Sanctioned Judging.  For more information on AOS judging visit the sites below.

VAOS is part of the Florida North Central Judging Region.  Information on the monthly judging and regional orchid show is available at https://fncjc.shutterfly.com

Information on the AOS judging system, locations and schedules is found at https://www.aos.org/Default.aspx?id=670

Preparing Your Plants for Judging – When plants are shown on the plant table, in a society exhibit, or at an AOS judging they should be presented in the best condition. The flowers should be fresh and fully developed, and the plant should be clean and in good condition.  If a plant or flower shows signs of disease or insects, it will be eliminated from consideration.