Meeting Wednesday, August 3, 2016 – 7:00 pm

Speaker: Alan Koch  Koch

Topic: Mini-Catts

Alan Koch owns and operates Gold Country Orchids in Lincoln, CA. where he grows his more than 300,000 orchids. He started growing orchids in 1969 with three Cymbidiums given to him by an aunt and continued and expanded his hobby while in college and discovered that many orchids would grow outdoors in S. California. Specializing in miniature and compact Cattleyas, he is recognized as an expert in the Brazilian Cattleya alliance and is an internationally renowned speaker.

He has been published in the Orchid Digest, AOS magazines, and the proceedings of the World Orchid Conference. Alan is an Accredited AOS Judge as well as a past member of the AOS Judging and Research Committees. He is Vice-Chair and Training Coordinator for the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center.

It’s taken Alan almost two years to return to Venice where he last spoke to a standing room only audience in September 2014. Once again, he will be bringing a selection of his outstanding orchids for sale and is accepting pre-orders until July 27th. Pre-order details and selection lists may be found in the newsletter.  Many of his orchids are very limited in availability, so don’t hesitate.

Alan is a great speaker and his presentations always entertain, motivate and educate his audience.

Joint Meeting with EAOS – Monday July 11, 2016 – 6:30 pm

LOCATION: Christ Lutheran Church, 701 N. Indiana Ave.,Englewood

Englewood Orchid society will host a joint meeting of EAOS and VAOS in Englewood on July 11, 2016 with Jim Roberts as the speaker.  Jim is the owner of Florida Suncoast Orchids, located near Myakka City where he grows Phalaenopsis, Dend­robium, Vanda and his specialties: Cattleya and Encyclia hybrids.

He will bring a wide variety of plants for sale.

Meeting Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – 7:00pm

Belize Orchids

 Bruce Holst

Born in California, Bruce Holst is an internationally known botanist and explorer who has worked Bruce Holst photoextensively with many of the greats in botany to codify orchids, bromeliads, hoyas and other epiphytes. His specialty is exploring and investigating the ecology of various areas to see how they affect the evolution of local species.

He studied Plant Sciences at the University of California before joining the Peace Corps where he was stationed in Honduras for several years. He taught his favorite subjects to agriculture extension agents and undertook a broad survey of all native plants in the region. He was recruited by the Missouri Botanical Garden, where he worked on the Flora of the Venezuelan Guyana for twenty years.

As head of the Botany Dept. at Marie Selby Gardens, he has a lot of technology at his disposal, a lot of experience in the field and has brought many of these finds back to Sarasota. He’s led and participated in a number of expeditions to Belize, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela and has been involved in extensive botanical inventories of Sarasota County. When you read about intrepid explorers that go into inaccessible places, find new orchids and get to name them, this is that person!  With his great personality, wonderful pictures and so much new information, this will be a very informative and educational presentation! He loves to share his adventures with others and welcomes questions from his audience.

One of our local vendors will have a great selection of orchids for sale.

Venice Community Center.  Doors open at 6:30, Meeting starts at 7:00