Meeting Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ted Spekers Photo 5-4-2016When to Hold’em – When to Fold’em.   Ted Kellogg will share some of his experiences from 50 years of orchid growing.  Living in Miami, Florida, he purchased his first orchids, three cattleyas, in 1965.  Those plants were the beginning of an orchid adventure that has lasted to today. The collection has moved to Tallahassee, FL., Kingston, RI., Wakefield, RI., and recently, three locations in Englewood, Fl. During these moves Ted’s collection reached a maximum number over 2000 plants and today contains about 650 plants.

During many of the VAOS meetings members have been given advice on how to select and grow orchids.  Speaker after speaker has told us how to stop pests, bugs, viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. and what the ideal conditions are to grow our plants. But, what ones should we hold and what ones should we fold? Ted will provide ideas on how to keep your own collection in the condition, size and form that excites you.

Join us at 7:00 at the Venice Community Center.

Meeting April 6, 2016

What’s Wrong?  Vern Bloch will be answering the eternal question: “What’s Wrong With My Orchid?” at the meeting on April 6th. He will have a short power point presentation and will also have some examples of problem plants. 

Vern picVern  is a retired navy pilot who got into orchids after leaving the service in 1987. Two years later, he and his wife Helen became owners of the Palm Bay Orchid Range. They participated in many orchid shows around the state. They sold the nursery in 2004, but continue to do business on a small scale. For the past 20 years Vern has regularly conducted programs for orchid societies ranging from the Florida Keys to North Carolina. His main interest has always been the cattleya alliance.

Vern has a lot of nice, flowering orchids, especially Encyclias, for sale and is very adept at answering questions, so come with a lot of them.


Join us at 7:00 at the Venice Community Center.


Meeting THURSDAY March 3, 2016



Tired of the ‘Orchids in Pots Approach.’  Bruce Weaver and Steve Voglehaupt will lead a session of ‘Thinking Outside the Pot.’  Members are encouraged to bring one successfully mounted plant to the meeting to show how no pot is needed. The plant table will feature mounted specimens as well. The raffle table will include many odd and exotic pieces of wood that can be used at the following Grower’s Clinic. Orchid Envy will be selling orchids at this meeting.  They will feature some smaller, non-blooming plants suitable for mounting as well as their regular stock of display plants.

 Join us at 7:00 at the Venice Community Center.