Meeting Wednesday, October 7, 2015 – 7:00 pm

Speaker: Ron Midgett of New Earth Orchids, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Topic: “Green With Envy: Green Cattleyas—Origins”

Ron Midgett began growing orchids in 1969 in the orchid-rich environment of Southern California. Since then, he has grown orchids in many different regions of the US and in the Caribbean for 3 years. Currently, he resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a breeder with an emphasis on Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, and Oncidinae. Several cultivars fromOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA his crosses have received AOS awards.

In 1990, Ron founded the New England Orchid Company in Franklin, MA. In 2003, he moved his orchid business to New Jersey and changed the name to New Earth Orchid Co., aka New Earth Orchids. In 2010, New Earth Orchids was moved to Santa Fe, NM.

Ron is an accredited AOS judge currently serving in the Rocky Mountain Region. He has served as chairperson for AOS judging for the 2011 and 2012 New Mexico Orchid Guild Shows. In 2011, Ron was invited to participate in judging the Taiwan International Orchid Show.

Ron has authored articles published in Orchids and most recently in the Orchid Digest. He was given the prestigious Ernest Heatherington award from the Orchid Digest for his article, “Beyond Sc. Beaufort—A 20 Year Odyssey in Cattleya Breeding”. Ron feels a special honor in receiving this award because Ernest was one of his first mentors.

Ron is happy to bring plants to sell and accepts preorders. A 10% discount is given for preorders. Plants for meeting raffles are available. Use this URL to connect to his online store:

Location: Venice Community Center -(doors open at 6:30)

Meeting Wednesday, September 2, 2015 – 7:00 pm

Speaker: Jim Roberts of Florida Suncoast Orchids

Topic: “Flasking” – Orchids grown from seed

One of our most popular presenters, Jim Roberts, will be returning for his third presenta­tion. He will be discussing and demonstrating techniques for the art of growing orchids from seed, a method known as “Flasking” that takes time and patience!

Jim will be bringing some flasks of high quality Cattleya and Encyclia hybrids that contain about 20 – 25 young plants per flask. Some of the flasks that will be for sale are from awarded orchids and start at $100. The general hybrid flasks will start at $35. Perfect for splitting with an orchid ‘growing pal’!

SpkrJimRobertsSuncoastOrchidsJim is the owner of Florida Suncoast Orchids, located near Myakka City where he grows Phalaenopsis, Dend­robium, Vanda and his specialties: Cattleya and Encyclia hybrids.

He has three joined greenhouses covering 10,000 square feet. The greenhouses are open by appointment only. Jim exhibits at numerous shows, gives club presen­tations and you can also find his plants at local markets or order them online.

Jim will bring a great selection of orchids grown in this area to sell at the meeting. You can check out his website,, for informa­tion, beautiful photos and growing tips. The website is currently under construction, so ordering online isn’t available.

We hope to see you there, supporting one of our few remaining local growers!

Location: Venice Community Center -(doors open at 6:30)

August 5th Joint Meeting with EAOS

We enjoyed hosting a presentation by Nature’s Relics for our joint meeting with the Englewood Area Orchid Society on August 5th.

Vance's 2015Over the past six years Jesse and Dee Vance have turned their passion for reclaiming old growth Bald Cypress into Nature’s Relics.

Until the late 1800’s much of the lowland area of the Gulf Coast was covered by old growth Bald Cypress forests. It’s the remnants of these forests that become the palette for Nature’s Relics.

The Vance’s uncover the natural beauty of this old, water worn wood, already sculpted over time by nature, providing us with one of a kind orchid mounts and display pieces.

From their orchid growing experience they discovered these Bald Cypress mounts retain moisture longer than other wood mounts. They recommend mounting orchids directly on the wood without Sphagnum moss.

If you’d like to to purchase a Bald Cypress mount, the Vance’s will be back this October at Tropiflora’s Fall Show.